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Over hereNIIT NIIT Institute of Chongqing can learn what employment what advantage you have, and how to apply for tuition assistance.

NIIT China graduates suitable for entering the system website including software development, finance and securities, and other related fields of work, also went on to do after NIIT advanced courses, with the level of maturity and development, jobs and wages will also increase simultaneously, the continuity of learning is very strong. International certification of software engineers (NIIT) and SUN company certification (SUN covered the company's official seal) NIIT international advanced training concepts, close to the software development needs of enterprises, strengthen professional quality training, software industry at home and abroad, famous scientific and technological enterprises, research institutions, service outsourcing software company, tailored software service outsourcing talents. More than 6 years and more than 700 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises to establish joint strategies for recruitment, training, employment services partnership. Training creates high-quality jobs, which is dominated by professional stability, sustainable development, paying a high salary job..